Tarsons Products Pvt. Ltd, is facilitated by a manufacturing plant well-equipped with modern, updated machines and high precision tools. These enable production of high quality products which undergo stringent quality control tests. Superior quality of chaste materials is used to manufacture the entire range of products.

The products manufactured by us are latest, specialized and are designed specifically to cater the to the need of modern scientific community in research labs.

Tarsons, due to the excellent quality of its products has built a reputation for itself in the field of laboratory equipment’s. Our products are immensely applied in universities, research institutes, industries etc. we maintain regular contacts with our clients and encourage new innovative ideas from them regarding the improvement of our products.

Tarsons products Pvt. Ltd is exporting to a global market which include USA, Europe, Australia and South East Asia.
We also undertake custom molding of precision parts and packagings.